Tuesday, 1 May 2018

A New Arrival at Kikki K


Happy 1st May! It's crazy how fast it feels like this year is going, but i do love the month of May.

This month always feels like the start of the summer and also a chance to start new things, in the same way January is...just with more daylight and less frosty mornings. I'm going to be spending this month reflecting on how i'm doing with my goals for the year and kick-starting some of those habits again (more on that next week...)

Whilst browsing for all the essential tools, with an obligatory stop at Kikki K for beautiful yet practical journals i never knew i needed, i spotted that they are also expecting a new arrival very shortly...a whole new range of super cute, ever-so-handy new baby stationery called So Loved.

Seriously, it's really really cute...

Kikki K

Kikki K

There are so many adorable items in the range too, from gifts to cards, memory boxes and journals - definitely great ideas for any baby showers or a treat for new mums out there.

new baby journal

Because one more journal to record the whole journey to look back on never hurt anyone right?

baby advice cards

I've already got these advice cards jotted down as a gift for my cousin's baby shower as soon as they're available!

congratulations card pom pom

This is my kinda congratulations card - it has pom poms...

milestone cards kikki k

I'm pretty sure there isn't an Instagram mum out there without milestone cards - love the prints on these ones!

bunny gift bag

I could just have this bunny gift bag hanging up at home right? That's not that weird?

spotty wrap

Yep this wrap will look great on all my birthday gifts this year please

baby journal

I really love the idea of writing down a positive affirmation, or a good feeling each day, and i think this daily journal is a great gift for friends or family to document their pregnancy

feeding sleeping journal
And for anyone who wants to document their lack of sleep, a rather colourful feeding and sleeping journal

letters to my child

I know i've watched too many movies but there's something about writing letters for the future, which is so nostalgic. No shoe box time capsules buried in the garden here!

funny new baby card

Well this is card is both very amusing and very terrifyingly true

As a huge fan of Kikki K, i'm really looking forward to the So Loved range launching in the UK and having some super cute and very useful gifts for friends and family who are expecting this summer!

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