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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

What I Read: March


If you read my post last month, you may know i've set myself a rather ambitious target of 50 books to read this year which i'm tracking with the ever-handy GoodReads app! I'm surprisingly pretty on target at the moment, and i've had another good month of keeping up my routine of listening to audiobooks on my commute or whilst doing the 'big clean' at the weekend. I definitely need to make more time to read actual books too, but somehow March has just flown by!

So, the books i've read in March...

1. Brave by Rose McGowan (****)
I've been wanting to read this book since it was published at the end of January and it finally came into my library app! I loved Rose McGowan in Charmed, and probably like most people had read a lot in the media about her ordeal in Hollywood, which she covers in this book alongside a look back at her life. This book is more than just a memoir though, it's a call to all women to stand up and be brave. And it's a raw, emotional, and pretty darn angry call at that! I mean seriously, what a life...she literally grew up in a cult and then found herself moving from one to another, with Hollywood the biggest and most dangerous of them all. I can't recommend this book enough! Whether you're a woman, a man, a feminist or's a powerful read.

2. The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood (*****)
I recently devoured the entire Season 1 of The Handmaids Tale on a flight to Chicago (without realising there was a pre-teen boy gawping at the screen across the aisle from me! Cringe!) and i'm officially obsessed. I know a lot of people had read this book in school, but somehow i hadn't and i loved the TV show so much i just had to read the book. And you know I found i really enjoyed the book knowing the full premise, although i can imagine from the way it's written there's definitely some 'penny dropping' moments where the reader realises what's actually happening in Gilead! It's a world which is shocking in so many ways and yet worryingly familiar. There were even times when as the reader, i accepted the reality - there are powerful men, there are kinda powerful women, then there's everybody else there to feed the power one way or another...oh wait!

3. Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley by M.C. Beaton (***)
I couldn't go without another Agatha Raisin book now could i? Who can resist a light hearted trip to Carsley (it's in the Cotswolds don't you know)? I'm determined to work my way through these books in order and the Walkers of Dembley was the lastest installment. Whilst i once again enjoyed the characters, and especially seeing the relationship develop further between James and Agatha, something for me didn't feel right with this book. I got confused between the different points of view and the introduction of so many new characters, whilst still intertwining with the Carsley lot! I didn't really take to the new characters in the same way i've welcomed those before, and not just because there were murderers amongst them...

4. Secret Smile by Nicci French (*****)
This one was a little bit of a guilty pleasure! It reminded me a little bit of The Girl on the Train, a real page turner and the characters were constantly developing. The first half of the book in particular i felt like i couldn't put it down, i definitely made myself late for work more than once thanks to Brendan's psychological torture. The premise is that Miranda's rather over-stepping ex-fling finds his way back into her life by starting to date her sister, and so the mind games begin! To everyone else he plays the charming, doting boyfriend spinning tales to wind Miranda up, making her look like she can't get over him. He's off the charts creepy and the suspense of wondering what he's going to do next is what kept me hooked. I do agree with the lot of the reviews though, the last few chapters of the book felt like i'd skipped a chunk of the book by accident, like something was missing or perhaps the publication deadline was looming...Still, definitely one for anyone who loves a good thriller!

Would love to hear of any book recommendations for April!

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