Monday, 29 January 2018

Office Crush: New Year, New Desk

Hello and Happy New Year!

A little late to the 2018 party, however four weeks into the New Year i'm in a place where i'm well on track with some of my new years resolutions. This year for me is all around feeling good and looking after myself, and i've somehow made it through that inevitable wall where most resolutions seem to fall into a black hole!!
So now i'm ready to brave getting organised for the rest of the year and if there's one place to start, it's my desk...

So i bring you a very special Office Crush, with my Top 8 desk spaces to get you inspired for the year ahead!

restoration desk
Source: InsideOut

organised desk
Source: Unknown (please share if known!)

pink chair desk

monochrome office

wooden desk
 Source: vtwonen

fun colour office
Source: Proper

marble desk

floral desk inspiration
Source: Domino

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