Thursday, 26 October 2017

Mini Trend: Marble

Hello hello,

No longer destined to only find its way onto coasters and coffee tables, marble effect has well and truly made its way onto our stationery and whilst i have to admit it's taking me a little while to embrace it, i'm finally a fan!
I mean who can resist bringing a little sophistication into your stationery collection, there's just something that feels really 'grown up' about some marble desk accessories isn't there?
Oh and the great news is this isn't just exclusive to notebooks either..there's staplers, and gift wrap and pen pots, oh my!

marbled notebook
Marbled Notebook - Katie Leamon

marble folders
Marble Print Folders - Graphique
marble stapler

Acrylic Marble Stapler - Rachel George

marble pen pot
Pen Pot with Copper Lid - Skandi Design
Marble Pencil Case
Pencil Case - Selfridges

Marbled notebook
Marble Effect Notebook - Target

marble gift wrap
Marble Wrap - Oh Happy Day Shop


  1. Ah great selection of marble print stationery, everything looks so sophisticated. I love the pen pot and stapler in particular, they are quite unusual finds. I bought myself some marble print notebooks from Poundworld when it was back to school time, as they had such a good selection! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Poundworld has some surprising finds! I loved the ones from Primark too!

  2. So nice article, glad to read this post, thanks so much!