Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Halloween at Ginger Ray


I can't believe it's nearly Halloween again! Every year it feels like Halloween is getting bigger and bigger, for at least the last month you couldn't go near a supermarket without finding hundreds of pumpkins at the front door to greet you, and all the best snacks are currently spookified!
I work over the sea in Ireland quite often and I couldn't believe how many Halloween HQ's have just opened up too (i also can't believe just how terrifying some of the props are this year!!).
We've definitely embraced the fun of Halloween and i know i'll certainly spend the evening watching scary movies and secretly hoping I get no trick-or-treaters so i can work my way through the cauldron of sweets!

This year i'm a little bit obsessed with Ginger Ray and i was so excited to stumble across their Halloween collection too, especially Trick or Treat!

paper bats

paper trick or treat

halloween paper cups

spider bunting

trick or treat napkins

Halloween balloons

halloween confetti

halloween bunting

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