Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Iconic Stationery at Fox & Star


I don't very often stop to check through my junk mail before clicking 'delete all', however to my horror a Fox & Star email had somehow found it's way into the naughty list and was poised to be forever un-read had i not been distracted by 'New Iconic Stationery' catching my eye in the subject line!


I'm so pleased to have not missed this email as the new Iconic range, designed and made in South Korea, that has just launched on their website is absolutely beautiful! Patterned notebooks, sophisticated planners, vintage-inspired sticky notes and pens that were made for colour coding, there is no reason to not get organised this summer.

Blue floral planner

iconic pens

monthly desk planner

vintage key notebook

Vintage sticky notes

grey diary planner

geometric monthly planner

Monday, 13 July 2015

Office Crush #45

Source: Ikea

Friday, 10 July 2015

July Most Wanted!


Well somehow we've stumbled into July and everybody seems to either be jetting off somewhere on holiday or sharing Instagram-worthy weekends away in the sunshine. I'm on a huge saving spree so my nights are currently spent in the garden!

One thing i can complain about though with this whole saving thing is my wishlist is now getting rather long! I wanted to share some of the most wanteds with you today - please do feel free to make me jealous if you've already got it ;)

 Les Notebooks @ Kiki's Gifts and Homeware
Emma Bridgewater Document Wallets @ John Lewis
Eiffel Tower Copper Scissors @ Lily Rose Co

Dirty Dancing Pencils @ Dottie Rocks

Feathers Print @ Aimee Willow Designs