Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Review: CardNest


It's not a secret that i spend a little too much time browsing for the right card for all of my friend's and family's special occasions. Whilst it is of course the thought that counts, i'm not sure how much care and thought can truly go into those 80 facebook notifications that appear on your page on your birthday... More importantly isn't it just so much more exciting to get something in the post that isn't another bill - that my friends is your birthday gift from me!

It's this ethos that has recently connected me to CardNest - a subscription service bringing together beautifully designed cards for all snail mail fans.

Now you wouldn't be mistaken for being a little dubious, the stationery-subscription market is certainly booming and there's a lot of different beautifully-curated boxes available for you to pick from across the web. 
However, as soon as i received some trial packs for review in my post box i knew something was a little different...

Gone are the brown boxes, which of course serve a purpose when you're shipping bulkier items but rather than just opting for a plain envelope - the great designs start with the envelope...An envelope that says "hi" and also politely asks you to please not bend it, now that's a friendly envelope if i ever saw one!

Not only do CardNest provide you with some inspiration for your month's card posting (who wouldn't want to celebrate National High Five Day?) but you can also opt in to receive some 1st class stamps to save you a trip to the shops. Convenient!

My favourite card in the above selection has got to be the birthday "whale of a time" card by Carolina Búzio - if you have some time i highly recommend a browse of her website, some really quite lovely illustrations. I'll be saving this card for a special birthday!

There so many exciting things happening in my friend's lives at the moment; engagements, graduations, job promotions so having a card on hand which congratulates them without the need for a lucky clover or a Me-to-You bear is perfect - so thank you and Nice One Finnán Barry!

Although i was sent these to packs for review purposes, i wouldn't rave about them if i didn't genuinely love them - CardNest have certainly found a gap in the market for a simple, good quality (the card is 324gsm for any paper buffs like me!), well designed card service. Congrats guys!

Cardnest are also offering Paper Crush readers 50% off your first subscription box - just enter PAPERCRUSH50 at the checkout!

P.S. CardNest please set up a catch up service as this card was made for me! :)


  1. Just wanted to pop-by and say thank you! Reading your post brought a smile to my face, I'm happy you like my illustrations :)