Sunday, 22 March 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!


It's my lovely dad's birthday today and i'm looking forward to a nice lunch with my family to celebrate. There's a little surprise involved too, but as he may read this i won't divulge too much into the detail but i'm very much looking forward to it myself too!!

When searching for a birthday card my for dad, i did find it particularly difficult to really find the right one. I wanted something with a little bit of humour but still for my dad to feel special...I finally chose this card from Sarah Hurley Designs and actually despite a review i read, i thought for the price (£3.50 including postage) the size and quality were very good!

Happy birthday Dad!

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  1. Dad cards are always so difficult because they're usually really old fashiony, feature golf, gardening, football or beer - none of which my Dad is interested in. I usually try to go for something fun like this - good choice! xx