Thursday, 26 March 2015

Great.Ly March 2015 Update


March for me has been one of those months where i started off with the best of intentions, to be super organised and to really invest time in building on my blog, which i genuinely love spending time curating posts for and seeking out new stationery items to share with you. And then life happened...another whirlwind month of planes, late nights at work and busy weekends.

I was feeling a little deflated to be honest; there can be a lot of pressure to be the best blogger in the world at times and i get frustrated when time ticks away and i find it's been nearly a week without a new post. So i took myself over to re-read Suzy's blogging race post - this has really stuck with me over the past couple of weeks and it's a brilliant reality check when i'm too hard on myself - definitely one to check out if you ever feeling the blogging pressure too!

So to celebrate the small achievements, this month i have kept up with new items for my store and i've picked out some of my favourites from the month to share with you today - let me know what you think!

All items are available via my Great.Ly store - Hooray Stamp by A Sensible Habit, Wooden Pencil Holder by Few Bits, Watercolour Hearts Notecards by Sunshine and Ravioli, Six Letter Greeting Card by Swell Made and Notebook Magnets by The Tulle Box

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