Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Spring Clean: 12 Creative Ways To Organise Your Desk


I'm sure it's not just me who's noticed it getting lighter in the mornings recently, and starting to see the garden come back to life again with a little sunshine over the weekends. I love Spring, i find it a time when i start having more energy again, feel more motivated to eat all those colourful salads that i've been complaining it's too cold to eat and have a refresh of my wardrobe and home.
It's also a time when i get the tidy bug - my work colleagues experienced this recently when i went on a 'tidy friday' rampage - who knew shredding would be so therapeutic?

The arrival of spring is definitely a great opportunity to get yourself organised, so today i wanted to share with you my 12 favourite creative organising tips and tools to help give your desk (and mind!) a good clear out...

1. Get yourself a peg board! This has been on the top of my shopping list for a long time, but i need to get a little creative first with where i'm actually going to put it - such a great way to get organised creatively!

pegboard inspiration

2. Make the most of free printables! I have a lovely little diary from Hema which i carry everywhere with me, and i've been making sure i'm motivated to stay organised with lots of great free printable content!

Diary printables
Source - TinyMe

3. Build up your storage boxes. I recently purchased some bright yellow cardboard storage boxes from Ikea, which i think would look amazing with these stripy boxes from Rockett St George.

4. Get creative with your pen pots. If you're anything like me you've get pens stuffed in drawers all over the house - i love this take on the tin-can pen pots, a simple but effective DIY!

5. Have the cutest desk accessories possible! I cannot believe i've never come across these before, super cute for holding any important notes, business cards, recipes, photos etc on your desk. Available at Etsy

6. Buy yourself a desk planner. I've really been struggling recently with finding a productive rhythm for blogging and by finally putting my desk planner to use and scheduling it all out, i already feel a million times better. Fox and Star always have great planners and i love this new gold-edged one!

Source: Fox&Star

7. Add a little personality to your organising! Who says being tidy has to involve everything being hidden away in boxes? Show off your stationery and your personality by showcasing all your favourite desk accessories in desk boxes and on shelves.

Source: HEMA

8. DIY boxes for all those paper clips! If you don't fancy having your paperclips and pins all on display though, these really simple DIY boxes are also really beautiful! Full tutorial at Zu

Source: Zu

9. Keep on top of it with a to-do list. Sometimes it feels like there's a hundred and one things to do and no time to do it all in - keep yourself focused with a to-do list with achievable goals. This post-it version is a pretty awesome way to do it and easy to make too!

10. Keep motivated with a mood board. If there's one way to make sure you keep yourself organised, it's to make your desk a place you want to be. My mood board is my inspiration and keeping it's surroundings as beautifully organised as possible is on my to do list :)

Source: Style Me Pretty

11. Buy some moveable storage! I have an Ikea version of this shelving unit in my bathroom, which is full of everything from a year's supply of cotton buds, shampoo and moisturiser. However, i love the idea of using it as storage to keep everything tidy and easy to transport in home-office-related-emergencies...

Source: The Every Girl

12. Be inspired by others. Now i didn't want to put this one last, but hopefully you've made it this far and are now feeling inspired to organise. Keep that feeling up by following blogs which are great at always sharing inspirational tips and advice on keep yourself organised...Here's just a few that i follow:


  1. Ooh if there's one thing I like it's stationary - so glad I stumbled across your blog. I'm feeling a shopping trip very soon to stock up on lots of storage boxes and organisational things to make my desk look tidy and pretty!

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

    1. That's my plan for my week off this week - get super organised with lots of pretty storage boxes!

  2. I love this post. I too have been on a work office organisational streak this week, much to the amusement of my colleagues. So many great ideas here. Already thinking about how I can put some of them into practice! Angie

    1. Nothing wrong with a little organisation :) The key one for me is actually making sure i stick to using my planner!

  3. This is such a great post. Loving the DIY boxes and the pen pots. Some lovely ideas and inspiration thank you

    1. Thank you - i love the pen pots too! Just need to use up some tins now!

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