Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My First #PaperHaul Box

I can't believe how quickly January has flown by - it has been a rather hectic month and i feel like a pretty bad blogger for only managing one post last week... :(
However somewhere between building spreadsheets, challenging myself to a 30 days of yoga, organising a corporate conference and attending the 9-5 i found myself super excited when i arrived home one day to my first #paperhaul box!

Now i was given a sneak peak into what was to come a little while ago and you may remember me mentioning this new subscription box for paper lovers was on the horizon. To receive something through the letterbox that isn't a bill is always a nice surprise and this month's box certainly made me smile.

There were a mixture of contents in the box with stickers, cards, gift tags, poscards and a rather lovely washi tape! I've been trying to figure out what the theme for this box is...i've concluded it might be orange! :)

Anyone who knows me will know that i smiled as soon as i sat the kitten postcard and i've already got the perfect person in mind to send this to too...

I think my favourite items from the box though were the carrot postcard, the supercute foxy stickers and the washi tape. I'm slowly building a rather nice washi collection and this is definitely a nice addition!

And of course, i was super happy to see that for every box sold a 10p donation is being made to a charity that Paper Crush also supports - Post Pals!

Have you subscribed to #paperhaul yet? Would love to know what items you liked this month

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  1. I have never even heard of Paper Haul before, think I may have a look into subscribing. Ps. I have just started Yoga myself, I love it!

    The Shelf Society