Sunday, 4 January 2015

Thank You Notes


It's that time of year again when we start sending the blanket 'thank you' Facebook posts, thanking all those people we've ever met for a lovely Christmas and such thoughtful gifts. We feel spoilt, we feel thankful and we want to share both of these feelings with the wider world.
Now whilst i have nothing against a modern 'quickie' thank can't quite beat a handwritten thank you card. The Simple Things published a blog post over the weekend giving advice on how to write the perfect thank you letter - so now you've got the composition ready to go, i've selected my top picks of the perfect thank you notes as a little extra inspiration:

Thanks a million card via Nancy and Betty Studio, Good Egg card via Katie Leamon, Kraft cards via Paperchase, Heart card via Show Pony, Thank you Thank you card via Cardboard Cities, Colour block card via Rifle Paper Co


  1. Ahhhh so much pretty! This is always something I mean to do but never get around too, perhaps I should give it a go this year.

    1. I actually can't think of anything nicer than getting home to a lovely thank you card :) especially one of these ones!! :)