Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Paperchase, you're just my type!


Well we've sprung from one occasion to the other already - it's officially one month to go until the day you either count down the days to or hate with an almighty passion.

I've also decided to kickstart this whole new-year-new-organised-me thing this week by making sure i get my Valentine's Day card picked out early! I'm not a fan of the overly-romantic, mushy cards so i tend to always purchase something with a little added humour. In fact, every year i find myself spending at least an hour stood in front of the card display in Paperchase giggling away to myself at their superb romantic puns and having seen some of their new range this year, i can assure you, it's only getting better...

banana valentines card

brie mine

nuts about you

love you shed loads

wool valentines card

You're Grate
All cards available from Paperchase


  1. Oh my goodness, I love Paperchase. It's like my Aladdin's cave! I just wander around "oohing" and "aaahing" at everything haha. I don't like overly mushy cards either and I LOVE food based puns so it looks like I'm definitely getting my Valentine's card from Paperchase this year haha.

  2. Ha these are so fun! I get my card on Etsy every year. This time I have one that says "I Love You More Than Pizza". It's tough competition!