Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Paper Crush: Eccentric Fox


For all of November i've been featuring the rather lovely Eccentric Fox as my monthly Paper Crush, which is something i do each month for one of my favourite stores or designers to share a little bit more about them and hopefully introduce you to something new and exciting too!

Eccentric Fox

Now i first met Zoe, the owner of Eccentric Fox, right at the beginning of my Paper Crush adventure earlier this year when she introduced me to the art of decoupage, which is something i've been working on this month too.
I'm really happy today to be introducing you a little better to Zoe and her store, which i highly recommend browsing as you get into your Christmas shopping too!

Hello Zoe! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello everyone :) Where to begin! Career-wise I had a very traditional path up until this year - I spent 7 years as an SEO and digital marketing consultant before deciding to work for myself back in May. After helping other online businesses for so long I really wanted to set up my own, and so Eccentric Fox was born when I was still in my day job. I work freelance now which has been a huge lifestyle change, but it gives me the time and flexibility to pursue my own projects. I can't quite believe I worked up the courage to give it a go but I'm glad I did!

What's your inspiration behind Eccentric Fox?
I have a slight obsession with woodland creatures and spent ages trying to come up with a name with "fox" in it. To  be completely honest, it came down to a few options and I chose the one that had a .com domain name available! 

What's been your proudest moment so far in your journey with Eccentric Fox?
Making my first sale though the website. I listed my products on a couple of marketplaces and they sold really well, but the first time someone bought through my own site was a nice milestone.

Your products are great for crafting and making snail mail beautiful, do you have any creative tips for budding crafters?
Crafting doesn't have to be difficult or messy or take up a lot of room, and I think that's why I love paper products so much. I've never had the space for a proper 'craft room' but writing letters or a diary is something you can do in your favourite chair without making a mess. If you have some beautiful paper and stickers your letters and cards are going to look fab already, so I think it's a great starting point for anyone getting into crafting.

What are your top picks from your shop for Christmas?
I think there are some great stocking fillers, like these little cat sticky notes or mini envelopes

Diaries and planners make really good presents, and these "Cookyshop" diaries are really nice - every page is patterned or illustrated so they're a pleasure to use.

I need to mention my all time favourite cat stickers too, perfect for any crazy cat people like me. The only trouble is I struggle to use them as I want to keep them all!

With the new year round the corner, do you have any advice to anyone who wants to set up their own online store? 
I was able to set up my own website from day one, but if you find it a bit daunting there are some great platforms like Shopify that help you build an online store for a monthly fee. Using marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Etsy is a great way to test the waters too before committing to your own site, so I'd definitely recommend giving them a go to test your products. Finally, sell something that you really love and there's a good chance other people will love it too!  

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