Monday, 10 November 2014

Office Crush #19

Good morning!

Since moving into our new home, i've taken over the space under the stairs as my little blogging place and have been piling boxes, magazines and samples underneath it for the past few weeks. It's unusual for me to have to be nagged to tidy up as i put my hands up, i've been a little stumped for how to organise everything in such a small space!

Whilst searching for some ideas, i came across this rather cool office space on tumblr (if anyone knows the original source please do let me know!)

I've been obsessing over a pegboard ever since i saw the one in Claireabellemakes new craft studio, but this wire frame is a nice contemporary twist on the pegboard trend don't you think? Perfect for creating a quirky mood board, showing off your crafts or just getting organised!! 

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