Monday, 6 October 2014

Office Crush #15

Good morning!

Well after a week's break during the move, i'm very happy to back this Monday morning with another beautiful office crush for you to be inspired by!

I'm a huge fan of desk accessories and this office space from Home Oh My has something a little Kate-Spade-esque about it don't you think? Personally, i'm in love with all of the acrylic accessories and clashing prints with metallics!


  1. Oh, I want it!!! I'm a huge fan of all things Monochrome and this is simply stunning! Doesn't the good just finish it off perfectly!! Laura xx

    1. Absolutely - such a beautifully accessorised desk!

  2. A lovely office crush, I love Kate Spade accessories! Awh, congrats on the move! Brilliant! Hope everything worked out well!! :D xo