Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Oh Hello!


I'm a firm believer that cards are not just for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, but should also be used just to say hello and to brighten someone's day. You only have to walk into a cards shop or browse stores like etsy and NOTHS to see why - there's just so many beautiful generic greeting cards to choose from.

As we've pretty much seen the last of Summer and the mornings are starting to get a little darker, why not send a card to brighten up a friend or family members day? It's a great way to bring a smile to someone's face and these 'hello' gems are a perfect way to do exactly that!

hello flowers

ohnorachio hello

flowers hello card

hello lovely friend

yellow hello card

hello caption card

hello geometrics

hello grass

hello katie leamon

just wanted to say aloe

Couldn't resist that last one!

I have several beautiful 'hello' cards to send to some of Paper Crush readers who'd like a little happy post - the first three people to @tweet me hello this week will receive a return hello from me in the post! (empty card for your own use!) :)

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