Monday, 8 September 2014

Office Crush #12


I have to admit, the feeling of starting a new job today feels a little like the first day of secondary school.. I've got my lunch packed up in the fridge, a bag full of new stationery and i've changed my shoes about a dozen times already! Oh and i'm more than a little nervous too!

Fortunately, today's Office Crush has put a huge smile on my face, as does most of the Bright Bazaar book where this image has been taken from.

Bright Bazaar Office

I have been a huge fan of Will, and his incredibly inspirational blog, for a long time and his book has been a great source of ideas for our new home as i try to become a little braver with bright, fun colours!
I love how the clean, white interiors of this small home office space have been brightened up with the bright accessories - from a simple pink candle to that lovely turquoise chair! Oh and the yellow lamp!


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    1. Thank you! It was great thank you - always nice to walk into a lovely team!