Thursday, 18 September 2014

Guest Post: Paper Pieces for the Home

Good day to you all, paper fans...I’m Nou from Honey Lemon Pie!

The fab Paper Crush has kindly let me take over for today’s post, which I am super happy about and feel very privileged indeed! I have chosen a small selection of my current favourite paper pieces for the home. I hope you find some new fun inspirational things to add to your decor.

Dottie Rocks – Fall in Love Print  - Etsy  £10.00

This gorgeous gold foil print would make a lovely addition to a work space. It would definitely brighten up my day and help me fall in love a little more... Hopefully it will for you too!

Pea Green Boat - Circle Paper Garland – Not on the High Street £3.20

Grab a few of these together and liven up a blank space in the corner of a room for colour and texture.

Kami Lightshade – Habitat £40.00

 This origami lampshade is bound to be a stylish addition to any front room, including mine for sure!

4 Form Maker - The Honeycomb Cactus Planter – Etsy £11.37

What’s not to love about this? It’s so creative and it’s made from recycled materials. I have lots of cactus plants that would look lovely with one of these eye-catching pieces.

5 Form Maker – The Jigsaw Coaster – Etsy £3.79

There are so many lovely pieces at Form Maker I just had to pick something else! These coasters would make a lovely present for yourself or for someone else. I would just need to be extra careful not to spill any coffee on them!

6 Mix Tissue Paper Fan Decorations –  Pipii £6.75

I just really like these… I know that they are intended for parties mostly but I think they can work all year around as a permanent feature

Bookish England – Map Rose – Not on the High Street £14.00

Not able to buy flowers every week but love them anyway? There is no need to worry anymore with this pretty rose made from vintage maps. Yes it is an investment at £14 but I think I can justify it if I save on the flowers! A stylish piece which would look lovely on a dresser.

Kvittra – Box with Lid – Ikea £8.00
These patterned boxes are great for stacking items on shelf units. Especially if like me if you have lots of things that need organising and hiding putting away. They come in a range of patterns for your taste so you can mix and match as you prefer. 

For lots more decorating and lifestyle tips and ideas, please do check out Honey Lemon Pie!

**all prices correct at time of publishing**

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