Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back to School Round Up


So it's been a few years since i was heading back to school this week, however with the new job just around the corner i've certainly got me eyes on the look out for some of the stationery bargains!
I've been building a pretty extensive basket over the past few days and thought i'd share some of the best bargains out there with you today:

Set of 12 La Petite Rose Colouring Pencils - Dot Com Gift Shop - £1.50

flamingo pencil case

Flamingo pencil case - Wilko - £1.50

happy notebooks
Set of 3 pocket notebooks - Caroline Gardner - £4.75

patterned pens

Livework pattern pens - Fox and Star - £2.85 each

Vintage Frame 14/15 Academic Diary - Tesco - £3.00
ikea paperclips
20 Paperclips - IKEA - £0.95

academic year planner
Academic Year Planner - Lollipop Designs - £12.50

Please note: all prices correct at the time of posting! 


  1. The patterned pens are cute! I can imagine they are fun to write with :-)

    Katrina Sophia

    1. I love them too! Patterned pens always look so much prettier in a pen pot that a plain biro :)