Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Paper Crush: Lucky Dip Club


If you've read any of my previous posts about Lucky Dip Club, i'm sure you'll already know just how much i love receiving these delightful surprise boxes of vintage-inspired treats in the post (and how devastated i am when they're sold out!!). You can therefore imagine how delighted i was when Leona, the super thrifty entrepreneur-extraordinaire behind Lucky Dip Club, agreed to be my September Paper Crush!
So, whether you're already obsessed with Lucky Dip Club or are intrigued to find out more about the club that everyone's talking about're going to want to keep on reading as i'm incredibly excited today to share with you my recent interview with Leona!

Hello Leona! Can you tell me a little bit of background about yourself?
I left school at 16 and moved to London and after a series of jobs in styling and magazines I started my first jewellery business Lady Luck Rules OK in 2002 from a market stall in Portobello. Over a 7 year period I grew the brand until we had over 250 stockists, an E-commerce website and a shop in Shoreditch. After this I fancied a change and wanted to explore my obsession with vintage so I thrifted my way around the world, blogging and selling my finds on my website This year I have settled down again and launched a subscription box website called Lucky Dip Club for lovers of handmade and surprises in the post!

Where did the idea for Lucky Dip Box Club come from?
In 2007 I launched a range of colour themed lucky dip bags for my jewellery label and they were a huge hit. Fast forward to 2014, I was looking for a way to bring my designs and vintage finds to the market in a fresh and exciting way so I combined my lucky dip bags with a subscription box business model and created Lucky Dip Club.

Since your launch in May, every single box has sold out in less than 24 hours, what do you think it is that’s really caught everyone’s imagination?
My mind is blown everytime it happens and I really don’t know what the answer is but I’m absoloutely thrilled that people seem to be as excited as I am about my boxes! The first box took about a day to sell out and I had made 100, on the 1st September they only took 3 hours 45 minutes to sell out and I’d made 500!

What’s been your favourite product in the boxes so far and why?
I’m always working on multiple boxes at any one time and up to 6 months ahead and I absolutely love every product! The Tutti Frutti box meant I could make the biggest watermelon name necklace which was a total joy and I wear mine all the time.

I’m also a nut for cats so I did go a little kitty crazy with the Pet Parade box. I only ever produce products that I’m super passionate about and can’t wait to unleash my favourite crushes on everyone in future boxes.

Each month has a different theme, where do you get your latest inspiration from?
My imagination sparks the theme for every box, it’s pretty wild and I’m an avid consumer of pop culture, film and vintage ephemera. What I love about creating each theme for each box is the ability to build a mini world for people to escape into when they open it and then my hope is they’ll find a bunch of useful, fun and decorative items inside to use, inspire and maybe gift to their best pals - although from the feedback so far people are keeping everything!!!

Is everything in the boxes made by yourself? What’s your advice to budding crafters?
Don’t be afraid to try new things! Making mistakes is ok and you never know, happy accidents can often lead to fresh ideas and innovative products, it’s the creative process and it’s fun.

What are you most proud of so far on your Lucky Dip Club journey?
Just the thought that it was a crazy idea in my head at the beginning of the year and now just 8 months later I’m making a living from it and enjoying it and I’ve met so many fantastic folk along the way.

You’ve had such success with the monthly boxes so far this year, what’s next for the Lucky Dip Club?
There are plans next year to add in seasonal boxes alongside the monthly boxes and I’m also working on a variety of collaborations as we speak for different projects. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with some of my favourite illustrators and I cannot wait to reveal more!

If you haven't yet signed up for Lucky Dip Club, i highly recommend it! The next box goes on sale on October 1st and from experience, you hit lose, so set those alarms now! I also highly recommend checking out Leona's Instagram in the meantime for lots of inspiration, peeks behind the scenes at Lucky Dip Club HQ and to just generally fall in love with everything vintage and handmade!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Office Crush #14


Another beautiful Monday morning, another beautiful office from Young Republic

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Guest Post: Paper Pieces for the Home

Good day to you all, paper fans...I’m Nou from Honey Lemon Pie!

The fab Paper Crush has kindly let me take over for today’s post, which I am super happy about and feel very privileged indeed! I have chosen a small selection of my current favourite paper pieces for the home. I hope you find some new fun inspirational things to add to your decor.

Dottie Rocks – Fall in Love Print  - Etsy  £10.00

This gorgeous gold foil print would make a lovely addition to a work space. It would definitely brighten up my day and help me fall in love a little more... Hopefully it will for you too!

Pea Green Boat - Circle Paper Garland – Not on the High Street £3.20

Grab a few of these together and liven up a blank space in the corner of a room for colour and texture.

Kami Lightshade – Habitat £40.00

 This origami lampshade is bound to be a stylish addition to any front room, including mine for sure!

4 Form Maker - The Honeycomb Cactus Planter – Etsy £11.37

What’s not to love about this? It’s so creative and it’s made from recycled materials. I have lots of cactus plants that would look lovely with one of these eye-catching pieces.

5 Form Maker – The Jigsaw Coaster – Etsy £3.79

There are so many lovely pieces at Form Maker I just had to pick something else! These coasters would make a lovely present for yourself or for someone else. I would just need to be extra careful not to spill any coffee on them!

6 Mix Tissue Paper Fan Decorations –  Pipii £6.75

I just really like these… I know that they are intended for parties mostly but I think they can work all year around as a permanent feature

Bookish England – Map Rose – Not on the High Street £14.00

Not able to buy flowers every week but love them anyway? There is no need to worry anymore with this pretty rose made from vintage maps. Yes it is an investment at £14 but I think I can justify it if I save on the flowers! A stylish piece which would look lovely on a dresser.

Kvittra – Box with Lid – Ikea £8.00
These patterned boxes are great for stacking items on shelf units. Especially if like me if you have lots of things that need organising and hiding putting away. They come in a range of patterns for your taste so you can mix and match as you prefer. 

For lots more decorating and lifestyle tips and ideas, please do check out Honey Lemon Pie!

**all prices correct at time of publishing**

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Oh Hello!


I'm a firm believer that cards are not just for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, but should also be used just to say hello and to brighten someone's day. You only have to walk into a cards shop or browse stores like etsy and NOTHS to see why - there's just so many beautiful generic greeting cards to choose from.

As we've pretty much seen the last of Summer and the mornings are starting to get a little darker, why not send a card to brighten up a friend or family members day? It's a great way to bring a smile to someone's face and these 'hello' gems are a perfect way to do exactly that!

hello flowers

ohnorachio hello

flowers hello card

hello lovely friend

yellow hello card

hello caption card

hello geometrics

hello grass

hello katie leamon

just wanted to say aloe

Couldn't resist that last one!

I have several beautiful 'hello' cards to send to some of Paper Crush readers who'd like a little happy post - the first three people to @tweet me hello this week will receive a return hello from me in the post! (empty card for your own use!) :)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Office Crush #13


I love how the super functional peg board is having a bit of a moment in the spotlight this month, so i couldn't wait to share the wonderful office of Mandy at Fabric Paper Glue with you today as my Monday Office Crush!

office pegboard idea

Now i love the huge pegboard Mandy has used here and she's absolutely made the most of it as a storage option for all her crafting tools and accessories whilst also adding a personal touch with the prints and greenery!

I'm a huge fan of Fabric Paper Glue so please do stop by there for lots of great craft tutorials and inspiration

Friday, 12 September 2014

Teaser: #Paperhaul


Now we all know how exciting it is to receive something in the post that isn't just a pesky phone bill or even electricity bill! So i'm excited today to give you a little teaser into something very exciting on the horizon from those lovely people at Crafty Creatives...

#Paperhaul is an upcoming monthly box of happy post, which will contain gorgeous postcards, washi tape, greeting cards, stickers, tags and much much more for just £10 per box plus p&p.

Each month the box will have a different theme and will be in limited supply so make sure you follow @PaperHaul on Twitter to keep up to date!

As a self-confessed stationery addict, i personally can't wait to see this launch!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Maak Magazine - A Review


As much as i love losing hours reading blogs and exploring the web, i'm a complete technophobe when it comes to reading books and magazines online. I much prefer getting my hands on a good book (i'm currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt) and sitting reading magazines at the weekends over a cup of coffee.

One magazine i've been enjoying browsing recently is a rather lovely Dutch creative magazine called Maak Magazine, which i'd like to review for you today. It's a quarterly magazine with a different creative theme for each edition - #1 Paper, #2 Felt and #3 Beads.

Maak Magazine

Whilst MAAK is only available in Dutch, this hasn't stopped me enjoying the Paper edition of the magazine featuring DIY tutorials, papery inspiration, beautiful imagery and of course a whole bunch of exciting, fun freebies upon arrival!
If you're fortunate enough to speak Dutch, there are also lots of interviews and columnists from other paper addicts too.

Now i love any parcel that arrives beautifully wrapped and from the moment this metallic envelope came through my letter box i knew this was going to be something good!

Maak Magazine

Maak Magazine

Alongside the magazine you also get a bunch of cool freebies, which with the Paper edition was lots of cool stickers and notecards that i cannot wait to use! Oh and a colouring sheet too, which i have to admit i've sat and coloured in on a quiet Sunday afternoon...why not? :)

Maak Magazine

Maak Magazine

I really love the 'there's always room for cake' notecard and they've all got such lovely designs on the back of the postcard too - really shows attention to detail don't you think?

Maak Magazine

So now i'm sure you can't wait to have a peek inside the magazine, which has such beautiful, bright colours and a really high quality finish to all 60 pages so i've just picked out a few of my favourite pages to share with you:

Maak Magazine

Maak Magazine

Maak Magazine

Maak Magazine

It really is a beautiful magazine and whilst at the moment, i'm just admiring the pictures and following the photo tutorials it's inspired me to learn a little Dutch so i can make the most of their future issues!

Tot straks!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

AW14 at OYOY


This may be a little controversial but i cannot wait for it to start getting a little more autumnal - don't get me wrong, i have loved the summer, however i'm ready for the next season now and i cannot wait to go shopping for my new cosy parka coat! Whilst coats aren't quite trickling onto the high street yet, the AW14 collections from some great stationery and homeware stores are. Hooray!!

So to kick off the new season, i'm very excited to share Danish company OYOY's new AW collections. I am in love with OYOY's simple, functional designs. The inspiration behind their collections is a mix of classic, Scandinavian style with simple Japanese design - sounding pretty perfect is it not? If you love the clean, less-is-more look then you should definitely take a look!

Scandi office AW14

Scandi office AW14

Scandi style AW14

I'm desperately trying to make my life a little more organised whilst moving house and job so my two favourite picks from their office range has to be these 100% grain leather trays and the tube in tube cardboard organiser!

leather trays
 cardboard organiser
If you're in the UK, you can find more from OYOY at Story North, Darling Violets and Starling Store
For the USA, you should take a look at Huset Shop or Nannie Inez too :)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Office Crush #12


I have to admit, the feeling of starting a new job today feels a little like the first day of secondary school.. I've got my lunch packed up in the fridge, a bag full of new stationery and i've changed my shoes about a dozen times already! Oh and i'm more than a little nervous too!

Fortunately, today's Office Crush has put a huge smile on my face, as does most of the Bright Bazaar book where this image has been taken from.

Bright Bazaar Office

I have been a huge fan of Will, and his incredibly inspirational blog, for a long time and his book has been a great source of ideas for our new home as i try to become a little braver with bright, fun colours!
I love how the clean, white interiors of this small home office space have been brightened up with the bright accessories - from a simple pink candle to that lovely turquoise chair! Oh and the yellow lamp!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back to School Round Up


So it's been a few years since i was heading back to school this week, however with the new job just around the corner i've certainly got me eyes on the look out for some of the stationery bargains!
I've been building a pretty extensive basket over the past few days and thought i'd share some of the best bargains out there with you today:

Set of 12 La Petite Rose Colouring Pencils - Dot Com Gift Shop - £1.50

flamingo pencil case

Flamingo pencil case - Wilko - £1.50

happy notebooks
Set of 3 pocket notebooks - Caroline Gardner - £4.75

patterned pens

Livework pattern pens - Fox and Star - £2.85 each

Vintage Frame 14/15 Academic Diary - Tesco - £3.00
ikea paperclips
20 Paperclips - IKEA - £0.95

academic year planner
Academic Year Planner - Lollipop Designs - £12.50

Please note: all prices correct at the time of posting!