Friday, 11 July 2014

Paper Crush: Andy Singleton


As someone who spends days each week exploring stationery, paper products and crafts online it's not unusual for me to find myself crushing on products and ideas or sending people little emails to tell them how amazing i think their designs are. Every now and again though, there is a special moment when you see something that just takes your breath away.
I had one of these moments a few weeks ago when i saw a paper Hummingbird (image below!) created by paper artist Andy Singleton...

paper hummingbird

It's not just the vibrant colours that drew me to this but just how stunningly realistic it looked - if i'd just glanced over it, it could easily have been a photograph. The attention to detail is amazing!

After sharing my love for his new creation, Andy kindly agreed to let me showcase some more of his work on Paper Crush, which i'm really happy to share with you today!

With such a beautiful portfolio of creations from 3D sculptures to entire installations it was incredibly hard to narrow his work down into a single blog post, so whilst i've picked out some of my personal favourites below please do check out Andy's website for a lot more - i promise you'll be amazed!

Andy Singleton - paper boat

Andy Singleton scene

Andy Singleton liberty

If you happen to located in West Yorkshire, Andy also runs workshops on paper cutting, folding and construction for both beginners and more experienced artists!

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