Monday, 14 July 2014

Marble Collection by Katie Leamon

Hello hello!

If you've been reading Paper Crush for a little while, you may already know that i'm a bit of a fan of Katie Leamon as i've featured their products several times over the last few months. In particular, i absolutely lovelovelove the typography cards as there's just such a range of beautiful styles and phrases for all different occasions including my favourite ever 'see you later alligator' leaving card!
As a bit of Katie Leamon groupie, i'm very excited to share with you today not only a sneaky peak feature on Katie's latest stationery collection, which is officially being launched at the Home & Gift Show in Harragote this week, but also some background and inspiration to the range from the lovely lady herself!

So, let me allow Katie to introduce you to the new Marble Collection by Katie Leamon

katie leamon marble
Katie: I decided to try marbling as I hadn't done any since school and my assistant had been to a trend seminar which was discussing tie-dye… from tie - dye I heard marbling!

Katie: I had also, for some time, wanted to bring in more colourful ranges which meant leaning on digital production more than my hand printed ranges so I wanted to ensure it still had an element that was hand created, so I got some inks and got messy!

Katie: The collection was produced in the studio with a range of primary and neon inks so once the original marbling was done, although I loved some of it, I felt it was necessary to tone the collection down to fit the brand, so that's where the more pastel palette came from, and luckily I did because its the colour more than anything that people have been going crazy for.

katie leamon marble

Katie: The gold foiling was a necessity for me, I had pictured it with a touch of gold somewhere before I had marbled my first price of paper, and I think it gives it the perfect finishing touch on the cards and makes it more practical with the greeting messages.

katie leamon marble

Katie: Really happy with how they have turned out, Home & Gift will be the UK launch, so I have my fingers crossed they go as well as they did in NY!

home & gift harrogate

I'm just so in love with this range - it's got a really fun, freshness to it and it's such a unique take on the tie-dye trend that i've still not been brave enough to experiment with. Perhaps a marbled notebook is the perfect place to start...


  1. Lovely stationary such cute designs! xo

    1. Absolutely beautiful aren't they! Think the notebooks with the lettering are my favourites