Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Confetti Collection at Kikki K


It's no secret that i absolutely love fun, colourful stationery and Kikki K has been one of my favourite discoveries of the year so far. Despite being based pretty much as far away as geographically possible from me, i love getting lost in their website and planning all my future beautified snail mail, party decorations and adding to my purchased-for-display-only notebooks!
Earlier this week i was browsing their latest collections, when i discovered a range that has got me googling customs regulations for deliveries from Australia and planning my house-warming party! So yeah, i think i've got quite the crush on their Confetti Party Collection...


I'm obsessed with confetti cupcakes at the moment so perhaps this is why i've fell head over heels for this range, but i love the bunting for a party and there's matching paper cups and paper straws which would go perfectly with some Pimms and strawberries don't you think?


  1. Love this new range! I am certain that Kikki K is worth the customs fee. Last time I ordered, I did a group order with friends and we split the cost.


    1. I think i may need to start a whip round! :)