Friday, 2 May 2014

Traveller Treats


Today has been quite stressful as i've been trying to sort various visas out for my upcoming travels and panicking about when i'm actually going to have time to pack! Slightly worried it's going to be a last minute job and i'll end up on the other side of the world without a toothbrush (appreciate i can probably buy one there, but hopefully you get what i mean...)

I do enjoy travelling though, i love everything from 8am cocktails at the airport to trying to follow signs in new languages to exploring hidden treasures that aren't in the guidebooks. It's always the same whether you've just been on a weeks holiday or you've spent months travelling the world, you always want to go back!

So today i bring to you some traveller treats as i start to daydream of that first sip of Margarita ...

pretty travel journal

spanish notecards
amsterdam notebook

travel gift wrap
scrapbooking cards

merci beaucoup card

All products available on the world wide web: Travel journal via Fox and Star, Spanish notecards via Crate and Barrel, Amsterdam notebooks via Peony and Thistle, Explore wrapping paper via Kikki-K, All aboard journal cards via Docrafts, Merci beaucoup card via Katie Leamon

Hopefully these traveller treats will have got you as excited for Summer as me!



  1. Travel journals really are so lovely! I used to have one when I was little and there was a spot for photo from the trip too! Have fun!

    1. Aww that's lovely :) i must start keeping journals for each of my adventures as will be great to look back on in years to come!