Saturday, 10 May 2014

Paper Crush: HAY

Hej (Hello!)
Happy Eurovision Day! 
Yes i know, this should probably be kept as a guilty little secret but i have to confess, i do love a little bit of Eurovision... It might have started with the brilliant commentary from Sir Wogan or perhaps Gina G's "ooh ahh" that became our school disco classic, but for as long as i can remember it's been a night that me and my best friend have spent in front of the tv laughing, cringing and dreaming of the one year we'll finally get the courage to go to a live show! Can you imagine...amazing!

In true Eurovision spirit, as this year's final is being held in Copenhagen i thought i'd share with you one of my favourite Danish stationery ranges from the fabulously creative HAY. Celebrating the best in simple, functional design, HAY's range of stationery perfectly compliments their core, modern furniture range, which is well worth a look too!

hay notebooks

hay geometric sticky notes
   hay notebooks

hay scissors

hay notebooks
hay filing

hay stationery

hay tape dispensers
 hay rulers
 hay stationery

Have you been into a HAY store before? I've not been fortunate enough to visit Denmark yet, but will definitely have HAY on my to-do list if i do!


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