Saturday, 5 April 2014

NSW Day 6: Get Organised Day

Today is the first Saturday of April, the first Saturday since the clocks changed and it's finally starting to feel a little lighter in the evenings. It's the first signs of Spring, and with the change in season very often i'm overcome with a renewed sense of getting organised!
This might be sorting through my recipe cards, setting my personal goals for the next few months of the year, clearing out old magazines or simply just having a really good tidy up. 

This also happens to be the theme for Day 6 of National Stationery Week...

Day 6: Get Organised Day

As part of today's Getting Organised theme I wanted to showcase one of my favourite online stores - Present & Correct - selling really unique and interesting stationery with some really useful gizmos and gadgets to help you get organised! Whether it's desk tidys, recipe cards or notice boards, i highly recommend you check their website out.

Do you have any simply tips or tricks for getting organised?


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