Friday, 4 April 2014

NSW Day 5: Pencil Case Day

Happy Friday everyone! Today as part of my series of National Stationery Week posts i've been looking for the perfect pencil case - something i spent many summers doing as a child! Although I am sorry to disappoint but i've decided not to showcase my Buffy the Vampire pencil case from my teen years...(it's for the best!)

Day 5: Pencil Case Day

I have to confess, whilst a new pencil case used to be the highlight of my summer holidays, now i'm in my mid-late twenties i tend to use pencil cases more as make up bags!
However, whilst doing a bit of research for this post i came across this rather charming Belle & Boo pencil case, which reminded me of everything wonderful about being a child from lining all my colouring pencils up neatly in my little pencil box (usually in rainbow order) to dreaming of all the adventures i'd have with my little sister and best friends.

What did your pencil case look like at school? I'm sure there are a few closet Buffy owners out there somewhere too :)


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