Thursday, 3 April 2014

NSW Day 4: Tidy Desk Day

I'm not quite sure i'm qualified to write about tidy desks today as mine is forever covered in piles of paper, boxes and post both at work and at home! 
However in the spirit of National Stationery Week, i will give Day 4's challenge some thought...

Day 4: Tidy Desk Day

So whilst i may not be able to show you a photo of my own tidy desk (probably ever!), i am always inspired on Pinterest by some of the great ways to make even small corners of a room into beautiful office spaces with simple pops of colour, vintage accessories, mood board walls and good use of daylight.

& here's my five favourite tidy desks...

All images sourced via Pinterest

What does your office space look like? Do you have a designated desk space or a small corner of your home you use to write and type? I'd love to see!


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