Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Paper Crush: Fox and Star


I'm really excited to present a very special Paper Crush today. Since discovering this rather unique store, i've spent more time than i'll admit to browsing the beautifully illustrated cards and notebooks, the quirky range of washi tapes and the super stylish planners. 

So let me introduce you to Fox and Star in their own words - an independent stationery company devoted to sourcing beautiful designs and inspiring paper goods from across the globe. 

Fox and Star

With the idea for Fox and Star starting from the stationery aisles in Asia some years ago, they quickly recognised a gap in the UK market for clever and unusual designs and I think it's safe to say they are certainly delivering on their vision, having already been featured in magazines such as Good Homes and Homemaker with their extra special finds from across the globe.

I've been lucky enough to have caught up with the creator of Fox and Star - Ari - on their top picks from the current range and a sneak peak of what's to come over Spring for the store!

Fox & Star's Top Picks

weekly desk planner
weekly desk planner

I’ve tried a whole bunch of apps and yet always come back to a paper planner and this one by Seeso is particularly beautiful in its simplicity. If you love organisation, this is the type of planner that’s brilliant for plotting out the week-to-view. As it’s rather minimal, I love that you can get all creative and colourful with washi tapes, stickers and sticky notes on there too.

mini washi tapes
mini washi tapes

Thin washi tapes have to be my new favourite thing. Although they’re quite new to the scene, they’ve been going down a storm and it’s not hard to see why. In cute little trios, these little sets of skinny tapes are brilliant for planners, journals and detailed crafting. I’m a bit of a washi tape snob too (who guessed, right?) and I always think that the best quality tapes are made by mt masking tape - they’re the original Japanese washi tape manufacturer after all!

botanical prints
botanical prints

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be completely head over heels for Yas Imamura’s Quill and Fox range. These beautifully printed postcards not only a lovely supply for scribbling snail mail, they also look quite lovely when popped up on the wall. These cute flower-filled terrariums really do make a brilliant nod to the botanical trend.

London journal
London journal

This journal is an absolute gem. Inspired by L’après-midi’s resident illustrator Wooran’s travels across European cities, I think she’s captured London perfectly with her whimsical watercolour artwork that graces nearly every page inside. The illustrations are a total delight, you’ll spot everything from fish and chips to the Liberty building.

So what's new on the horizon for Fox and Star...

It’s looking more than a little gloomy out there today, but Spring is still threatening to happen. In the next couple of weeks, if you keep your eyes peeled (an expression that still freaks me out a bit), you’ll spot lots of new things making their way onto Fox and Star. There’s lots of new planners and frankly adorable pens from Livework…you might actually have to fight me for the pens, they’re the cutest! There’s always a steady stream of new designs from Mt Masking Tape and another Japanese washi tape brand to keep an eye out for is Masté.

Fox and Star

You can see lots lots more from Fox and Star on their website but i also highly recommend following them on twitter for regular updates! I'd love to hear what you think!


Monday, 28 April 2014

Colour Crush: Yellow


So if you've read a few of my recent blog posts, you'll know just how happy i am that it is finally Spring time again! It's a season filled with some of the most beautiful colours we'll see all year whether you're fortunate enough like me to live out in the countryside, or if you're just happy to have a sunny day in your garden with some bright tulips and freshly cut grass.

One of my favourite colours so far is of course the super fresh, vibrant yellow! It's such a fun, bright colour and i've been bringing it into my home slowly with a vase daffodils at my desk. It's a colour that i find works best as minimal pops of colour and it really brightens up any work space - a perfect example of this can be seen below and is an image for West Elm from style director Shane Powers:

yellow office

Now flowers unfortunately don't last more than a week (despite my best efforts!) so in a bid to add a little more permanent yellow, i've discovered some stationery treats to share with you that are a really simple way to bring a little sunshine into your stationery!

hello sunshine

hedgehog notebook

ikea notepadyellow straws

tesco notebook
yellow pencil case

air balloon card

All products available on the world wide web: Hello sunshine print via Little Nest Box, Hedgehog notebook via Anorak , Magnetic notepad via IkeaPaper straws via Ella James Living, Monochrome zig zag notebook via Tesco, Pencil case via Pamplemouss, Good Luck balloon notecard via Present and Correct.

Of course, if you'd like to try something simple and effective at home, you can always add a little yellow to your letters and post, such as the below from the rather cool NYC based designer James Kape:

How do you feel about yellow in your stationery cupboard? Best kept to small doses or is it more a case of the bolder the better?


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Woodland Treats


After spending a weekend in the great British outdoors, i'm feeling really inspired by its forest prints, rustic feel and lovely wooden crafts that lined the little shops near our campsite. We had such a lovely adventure and to celebrate a great weekend, i've been browsing this week for some woodland treats for my desk.

I'll be honest, i was slightly worried i wouldn't be able to find much woodland themed product as thought perhaps it was going to be left behind in Winter with my favourite statement animal, the stag! Fortunately, oh how wrong i here's a few of my favourites:

woodland pencils

rifle notecard setwoodland gift wrap
national trust stationery
wooden business cards

woodland washi tape

hedgehog stationery

fox card

All products available on the world wide web: Gold dipped wood pencils via Aubergine FoxAntoinette social stationery set via Rifle Paper CoHandmade wrapping paper via Wrapped By Alice, Woodland Trust notebook set via Go Stationery, Bespoke wooden business cards via CARVD, Animal washi tape via The Fox and star, Hedgehog pencil holder via Anthropologie, Fox love greeting cards via Lyndsey Green Illustration.

I think it's the adorable creatures that add character to these products for me - i lovelovelove Lyndsey's fox illustration and also the great range of designs in the Woodland Trust range, they have such a great range of notebooks that you must check out! Can never have too many notebooks! :)


Monday, 21 April 2014

Top Picks: Paperchase Mid Season Sale


If there's one thing for me on par with a sunny Spring day, it's a mid-season sale!
Lucky for me, today brings a bit of both as i've stumbled across Paperchase's sale online.

Having spent most of my early afternoon browsing and building a rather long wishlist, i've been trying to get this down to my 5 must-buys which i thought i'd share with you as there are some real bargains to be had on their website this bank holiday Monday!

1. In With The New greeting card - Was £1, Now 50p!
2. Kyoto Rose leather wrap notebook - was £20, now £10

3. Unicorn notecard and sticker set - was £4.75, now £3.33

4. Kyoto Rose writing set - was £10, now £5
5. A5 wiro bound sketch book - was £4.25, now £2.10

Have you bought anything in the Paperchase sale? I'd love to see your bargains!


Saturday, 5 April 2014

NSW Day 6: Get Organised Day

Today is the first Saturday of April, the first Saturday since the clocks changed and it's finally starting to feel a little lighter in the evenings. It's the first signs of Spring, and with the change in season very often i'm overcome with a renewed sense of getting organised!
This might be sorting through my recipe cards, setting my personal goals for the next few months of the year, clearing out old magazines or simply just having a really good tidy up. 

This also happens to be the theme for Day 6 of National Stationery Week...

Day 6: Get Organised Day

As part of today's Getting Organised theme I wanted to showcase one of my favourite online stores - Present & Correct - selling really unique and interesting stationery with some really useful gizmos and gadgets to help you get organised! Whether it's desk tidys, recipe cards or notice boards, i highly recommend you check their website out.

Do you have any simply tips or tricks for getting organised?


Friday, 4 April 2014

NSW Day 5: Pencil Case Day

Happy Friday everyone! Today as part of my series of National Stationery Week posts i've been looking for the perfect pencil case - something i spent many summers doing as a child! Although I am sorry to disappoint but i've decided not to showcase my Buffy the Vampire pencil case from my teen years...(it's for the best!)

Day 5: Pencil Case Day

I have to confess, whilst a new pencil case used to be the highlight of my summer holidays, now i'm in my mid-late twenties i tend to use pencil cases more as make up bags!
However, whilst doing a bit of research for this post i came across this rather charming Belle & Boo pencil case, which reminded me of everything wonderful about being a child from lining all my colouring pencils up neatly in my little pencil box (usually in rainbow order) to dreaming of all the adventures i'd have with my little sister and best friends.

What did your pencil case look like at school? I'm sure there are a few closet Buffy owners out there somewhere too :)


Thursday, 3 April 2014

NSW Day 4: Tidy Desk Day

I'm not quite sure i'm qualified to write about tidy desks today as mine is forever covered in piles of paper, boxes and post both at work and at home! 
However in the spirit of National Stationery Week, i will give Day 4's challenge some thought...

Day 4: Tidy Desk Day

So whilst i may not be able to show you a photo of my own tidy desk (probably ever!), i am always inspired on Pinterest by some of the great ways to make even small corners of a room into beautiful office spaces with simple pops of colour, vintage accessories, mood board walls and good use of daylight.

& here's my five favourite tidy desks...

All images sourced via Pinterest

What does your office space look like? Do you have a designated desk space or a small corner of your home you use to write and type? I'd love to see!


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

NSW Day 3: Pen & Ink Day

So far on my week-long journey into my favourite stationery, i've got excited over Anthropologie pencils and shared my discovery of Ribbon Squirrel's notebooks on Etsy.
Day 3 is the turn of an item that i so desperately wanted as a child - years spent only being allowed to write in pencil and then the glorious day of being allowed to start using a Berol handwriting pen!

Day 3: Pen & Ink Day

I have a bit of a dilemma in that somehow i have never learnt the 'proper etiquette' of holding a pen and have found myself forever holding my pen in what i'll only describe as a claw position... Twenty or so years of 'the claw' is a very hard habit to break, so finding pens that i can hold comfortably for long periods of time is a bit of a nightmare. Smooth edges are a must, soft grip is preferred and i'm a bit of a magpie for metallics.

At the moment, the pen on my wishlist that seems to tick all the right boxes is the Duchess pen from Ice London. I've picked up some of their metallic pencils before and i love the colours - this light green version just makes me think of Spring!

Do you have a favourite pen? Any comfortable-writing pen recommendations are welcome! And maybe a handwriting practice class? :)


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

NSW Day 2: Notebook Day

So yesterday i introduced my series of posts for National Stationery Week with a spotlight on my favourite pencils. Today's task is a little more difficult as i have such a big collection of notebooks and an even bigger wish list!

Day 2: Notebook Day

When looking for a new notebook, i'm looking for something a bit different - don't get me wrong, i love ditsy florals and polka dots, but when i'm sat on a train, in a café, preparing for a meeting or simply just showing off my notebooks around the house, i like to have something that stands out. 
And that is why i'd like to share Ribbon Squirrel's amazing collection on Etsy!

Combining photographic covers with geometric prints and brightly coloured pages - plus it's A5 so is perfect to being on the go too!

There are some really great products available from Etsy sellers and such beautiful hand-crafted quality too, so make sure you have a browse!

Do you have a favourite notebook? I'd love to see yours!