Monday, 31 March 2014

NSW Day 1: Pencil Day

Did you know this week is National Stationery Week? For anyone else who has a bit of an addiction to stationery, this is a week to make sure is pencilled in your diaries!

The theme of the week is to 'Get Britain Writing' and celebrate going back to putting pen to paper whether it's writing a letter, using a notebook instead of a tablet, sending a card to a loved one or practising handwriting with your children.

There are competitions across Twitter through blogs, retailers and brands so make sure you check out @NatStatWeek or any of the event hashtags #NSW14 #lovestationery #stationeryaddict #GetBritianWriting

There's also a celebration of the 7 Days of Stationery which i'll be joining in with on the Paper Crush blog and today is Day 1...

Day 1: Pencil Day

Now one product instantly jumps to my mind when i try to decide which are my favourite pencils - the Banderole pencils from Anthropologie - they're bright, great value (£8 for 12!) and most importantly really just very fun! They certainly make me want to pick them up and start writing!

As i've mentioned i'm a huge fan of writing letters and send & receive snail mail from all around the world so the next time i'm in London i'll be heading straight to Anthropologie for these!

Do you have any favourite pencils?


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