Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Colour Crush: Mint

According to Company magazine "if our Spring wardrobe hasn't got a bit of Hemlock in to team with some Radiant Orchid, well quite frankly its door just isn't worth opening". Hemlock being this rather lovely shade of mint, popular for weddings and tea parties: 

It's definitely one of my favourites this season as it reminds me of what's to come with Spring and on the rare couple of hours we've seen the sunshine over the past few weeks, this colour has just felt really fresh and inspiring. 
(It also helps that i've discovered peppermint tea...which, by the way, is just delicious!)

Below are just some of the inspiration i've been pinning on Pinterest and some great paper goods, which i think show just how beautiful it can look - i'm especially loving when it's combined with metallics!

perfect mint party

mint and metallic notebook

mint envelope

mint paper straws

mint washi tape

mint heart cake toppers

mint metallic notebooks

heart paper garland

All products available via Etsy: Idea notebooks from Scout and Honour, Straws from The Simply Chic Shop, Envelopes from SquishnChips, Washi tape from Bahana Splits Boutique, Heart toppers from Paper Trail by Laura, Paper garland by Penny Lane Studio

What do you think? I'm pretty sure mint is a bit of a love or hate colour!



  1. I am a definite lover of mint, such a lovely colour! My secret dream is to have a mint kitchen one day but for now I am going to have to contend myself with mint stationery:)

  2. A mint kitchen sounds wonderful! I'm not brave enough yet to paint walls so will have to stick to dreaming of them :)