Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Paper Crush: Ishtar Olivera


I've had a couple of days off this week from the big busy office and i've been loving spending some extra time at home - don't get me wrong i love my job, but it's been really nice to have a long weekend and spend some time with friends. I've also been catching up with some of my overdue letters to my penpals this morning - i love receiving handwritten snail mail in the post and i've slowly been building some lovely friendships across the ocean.
I always try and create unique letters with beautiful papers and interesting envelopes - the kind of letters your postman delivers with a smile!

Ishtar Olivera is one of my absolute favourite people to follow on Pinterest and is always giving me inspiration on how to make my letters that little bit more special whether it be quirky contents, creative packaging or simply adding that personal touch. Definitely one of my paper crushes!

snail mail ideas

snail mail ideas

snail mail ideas

snail mail ideas

snail mail ideas

snail mail ideas

Do check out to see more great inspirational snail mail, craft tutorials and beautiful photography on her blog!


(All images: Ishtar Olivera)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Big Beautiful Florals

So perhaps it's because we've finally had a little bit of Spring sunshine here, or maybe i'm just feeling inspired by the flowers currently sitting in our living room, but i've spent all week dreaming about big beautiful florals!
Don't get me wrong, i'm still a huge fan of the ditsy print - my wardrobe is full of them! - however these big, bright flowers that have begun to take over the high street are really starting to grow on me...(excuse the pun) :)

This below is from Rifle Paper Company's 2013 lookbook and i think the colours and the florals are just perfect!

With this as inspiration, here's some of my favourite big beautiful florals to help get you feel ready for Spring 14:

Charlotte Day Notebooks
For more from Charlotte Day, check out her Etsy store. 
floral notebook etsy

Caroline Gardner Noteblock
Painted floral range available at
caroline gardner noteblock
Collier Campbell Notebook
Discover more beautiful florals at Collier Campbell
collier campbell notebook

Paperchase Magazine File
Primavera range at Paperchase

paperchase magazine file

Tuesday, 18 February 2014



I am really excited to finally be starting the Paper Crush blog! It's been several months in the making and i've spent this time falling in love with some many great designers and crafters work. Along the way i've managed to both discover and acquire some beautiful stationery and cannot wait to share it all with you.

I've had a bit of a paper crush all my life and my favourite time of the year as a child was always spending that one Saturday afternoon in the summer holidays walking around the shops with my mum picking out all my new stationery for the new school year. There were tears and tantrums over never being allowed to buy those smelly gel pens - strawberries have never smelt so sweet! And there were wonderful afternoons spent covering my school-issued grey exercise books in mostly Homebase-sourced wallpaper samples.

As an adult i have more notebooks than notes to write, drawers filled with washi tapes and several penpals who receive hand-written letters in homemade envelopes each month. 
Anyone who knows me will know i'm a bit of a technophobe (ironic i guess that i'm sat here typing out my first blog post on a laptop!) and am always sat scribbling out my to-do lists or organising myself with post-its, index tabs and an array of neon highlighters. 

I hope to be able to inspire you with beautiful paper products, craft ideas and help to reconnect a little bit of our technology-filled world with simple stationery.
If you have any great ideas, websites, blogs or products to share, i'd love to hear from you too :)

Have a great week!