Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve Party Tutorials


It's the last day of 2014 - a day many of us use to reflect on the year that's just been and start thinking about what's to come over the next 12 months. I've started writing some new years resolutions of course - i'll be sharing a few in the New Year and this time next year we can have a look at how many of them i kept to!!

Today however, is all about preparing for tonight - New Years Eve!!

I do love a good party and whilst this year i'm not the host, i've got a whole bunch of tutorials ready for you if you are to make your party that little bit more special...

Surely one of the must-try craft tutorials out there - these confetti dipped balloons from Studio DIY are just perfect for parties! And for getting covered in glitter!!

Because what outfit wouldn't look better tonight with a confetti crown? Tutorial available at Best Friends for Frosting

For all that tinsel that's ready to come down from Christmas, don't waste it..follow this simple tutorial from The 36th Avenue for sparkly toppers!

 A shower of confetti has to be the perfect way to bring in the New Year and you can make these party poppers yourself with a few toilet paper rolls and some tissue paper! Tutorial at Honestly Yum

Perfect for the background of all those photos with your new selfie stick (yes i got one too!). Tutorial from Studio DIY for Balloon Time!

Finally, if you don't want your guests to leave empty handed, i love these printable party favours that you can add to your gifts! Check out the tutorial and download the tags at Oh So Beautiful Paper

So from me, a very Happy New Year to you and i will see you again in 2015!!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Guest Post: Christmas Wishlist by The Petit Cadeau


Oh gosh, so i made a tiny error when scheduling this post and have only just spotted that this Christmas Wishlist feature was scheduled for December 2015! I really want to share it with you still as i just love some of Alison's picks..

As you know i've asked some of my favourite bloggers to share their Christmas wishlists and i'm very happy to introduce you today to the lovely Alison from one of my favourite gift inspiration blogs The Petit Cadeau.

I'm seriously obsessed with everything made by Happy Penguin Press

Letterpress holiday gift tags at Shop Happy Penguin

For holding all of my small snail mail items, like stamps and washi tape!

Felt basket at Manusmade

I always send snail mail throughout the year - especially birthday cards and this stamp is the perfect way to add a handmade elements to my mail!

Happy mail stamp at Creatiate

I make a lot of my own greeting cards, but sometimes i like to buy from other creatives - like this one from Print Therapy

I just wrote to say i miss you card at Print Therapy

I've been wishin' for these lovely simple bar earrings in rose gold!

Simple bar earrings at Olive Yew Jewels

Alison blogs about thoughtful gifting and creates Petit Mail - a snail mail subscription service for young children. You can find her at The Petit Cadeau.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Guest Post: Christmas Wishlist by Honey Lemon Pie


I'm so excited that it's nearly Christmas!!! This year i'm spending it with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend who is flying over from America for a few weeks. I can't wait to eat lots of great food, drink wine, relax and of course exchange gifts. Now whilst i do like getting presents, i just love watching other people open gifts that you know they will really like and you've spent a lot of time and thought on.

So, this Christmas i've asked some of my favourite bloggers to share what they are hoping to find underneath the tree next week...

Today i'm very happy to share with you the wishlist of interior blogger Honey Lemon Pie!

These are lovely, such a nice contrast with the wood and a really nice versatile piece to pop on my window ledge with a gorgeous plant! 

OOhh Paper Pots at Accessorize Your Home

This is so nice with such beautiful photos. What a sweet idea and one I would love as part of my stocking fillers!

Pretty Polaroid Notecards & Envelopes at Oliver Bonas

Not technically a paper item but I really need a new lampshade for my front room and this House of Hackney shade would be amazing!

House of Hackney Lamp Shade at Liberty

Even if I don't get chance to travel much next year, this beautiful calendar will keep me inspired!

Rifle Travel Poster Calendar at North Light

What do you get if you cross an apple with a Christmas tree?

A pineapple

(Source of festive joke - Honey Lemon Pie)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Office Crush #21

Good morning!

I cannot believe this is my first post in December - where does the time go?

I have to apologise for my little absence the last couple of weeks - it's been a mixture of business and pleasure so whilst there's been a lovely few days away in a rather festive Amsterdam, i've also been finding the working day getting longer and longer... I have always had a strong work ethic but oh my, i cannot wait for the Christmas break!!

With December bringing back those beautiful frosts (which i admit are a lot less beautiful when you're scraping your card with an old store card at 6am!) i have a rather beautiful, winter-inspired office crush to share with you again today....

Now i found this via Tumblr so i'm really not sure of the original content owner - if anyone does know please let me know so i can update this and also so i can explore more of their stuff as i adore their style!!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Great.Ly November Update


Well i said earlier this week it was starting to feel a lot like Christmas and i have to admit, it's been all about Christmas over at my Great.Ly shop too this month!
I've been adding everything from cards to decorations to wrap over the last few weeks and have a created a Christmas collection to hopefully help give you some ideas for gifts and decs.
Today though i've picked out some of my favourites to share with you, which are all on my wishlist right now - happy shopping!

deer christmas card
Forest deer Christmas card by Jenni Haikonen 

noel christmas washi tape
 Noel sticky tape by Rosa & Clara Designs
black and white penguin print
Penguin print by Michal Marko

decoration stamp
 Ornament stamps by A Sensible Habit

christmas bunting garland
Noel garland by Rosa & Clara Designs 

printable christmas gift tags
Printable gift tags by Rosa Pearson

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Paper Crush: Eccentric Fox


For all of November i've been featuring the rather lovely Eccentric Fox as my monthly Paper Crush, which is something i do each month for one of my favourite stores or designers to share a little bit more about them and hopefully introduce you to something new and exciting too!

Eccentric Fox

Now i first met Zoe, the owner of Eccentric Fox, right at the beginning of my Paper Crush adventure earlier this year when she introduced me to the art of decoupage, which is something i've been working on this month too.
I'm really happy today to be introducing you a little better to Zoe and her store, which i highly recommend browsing as you get into your Christmas shopping too!

Hello Zoe! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello everyone :) Where to begin! Career-wise I had a very traditional path up until this year - I spent 7 years as an SEO and digital marketing consultant before deciding to work for myself back in May. After helping other online businesses for so long I really wanted to set up my own, and so Eccentric Fox was born when I was still in my day job. I work freelance now which has been a huge lifestyle change, but it gives me the time and flexibility to pursue my own projects. I can't quite believe I worked up the courage to give it a go but I'm glad I did!

What's your inspiration behind Eccentric Fox?
I have a slight obsession with woodland creatures and spent ages trying to come up with a name with "fox" in it. To  be completely honest, it came down to a few options and I chose the one that had a .com domain name available! 

What's been your proudest moment so far in your journey with Eccentric Fox?
Making my first sale though the website. I listed my products on a couple of marketplaces and they sold really well, but the first time someone bought through my own site was a nice milestone.

Your products are great for crafting and making snail mail beautiful, do you have any creative tips for budding crafters?
Crafting doesn't have to be difficult or messy or take up a lot of room, and I think that's why I love paper products so much. I've never had the space for a proper 'craft room' but writing letters or a diary is something you can do in your favourite chair without making a mess. If you have some beautiful paper and stickers your letters and cards are going to look fab already, so I think it's a great starting point for anyone getting into crafting.

What are your top picks from your shop for Christmas?
I think there are some great stocking fillers, like these little cat sticky notes or mini envelopes

Diaries and planners make really good presents, and these "Cookyshop" diaries are really nice - every page is patterned or illustrated so they're a pleasure to use.

I need to mention my all time favourite cat stickers too, perfect for any crazy cat people like me. The only trouble is I struggle to use them as I want to keep them all!

With the new year round the corner, do you have any advice to anyone who wants to set up their own online store? 
I was able to set up my own website from day one, but if you find it a bit daunting there are some great platforms like Shopify that help you build an online store for a monthly fee. Using marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Etsy is a great way to test the waters too before committing to your own site, so I'd definitely recommend giving them a go to test your products. Finally, sell something that you really love and there's a good chance other people will love it too!  

Monday, 24 November 2014

Office Crush #20

Good morning!

I can't believe how busy the last week has been - i've celebrated my 27th birthday with amazing friends and had a lovely break at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest with my family.
In the last week though it's also suddenly started to feel like mid December already! Everyone seems to be putting their trees up, finishing(!!!) Christmas shopping (Leicester High Cross was absolutely crazy on Saturday!) and arranging lots of festive dinners. Now you know i adore Christmas but it seems like it's catching on!!

I'm sorry i've not been able to share any stationery treats with you over this week, but i've got some rather exciting posts coming your way over the next couple of weeks... :)

But today it's all about a Monday morning Office Crush courtesy of Design Sponge - i love the combination of organisation and the mood board!

Design Sponge Office

Friday, 14 November 2014

AW14 at Ferm Living


So you may have seen some of my recent features on the AW14 collections from stores such as Rowen & Wren and OYOY - for me the Autumn Winter collections are always so exciting as it's the perfect time to get them all on my Christmas list! I'm also a really big fan of the colours that we tend to see at this time of year from metallics to crisp whites and deep blues, and not forgetting the traditional reds and greens too!

Today i wanted to share with you another festive collection of AW papery treats from one of my favourite homeware stores, Ferm Livingwho not only have a beautiful new collection of wrap and gift tags but lots of paper decorations for your home too, which i'm very excited to share with you today!

If you haven't had a look at Ferm Living's website before, i highly recommend a browse as their homeware is just amazing!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Greeting Cards


I'm so so excited to be finally writing this post!! I wanted to wait until it was really starting to feel like the beginning of the festive period and finally this weekend saw the return of both the Coca Cola advert and the arrival of Monty the Penguin thanks to John Lewis! I absolutely love everything about the coming weeks, i've learnt to enjoy the run up to Christmas as much as the Day itself - everything from spending time with friends appreciating a good hot drink, making plans for that wonderful week off work, starting to look for presents for my friends and family and not forgetting writing out my own wishlist too!

Since starting Paper Crush earlier this year i have to admit my wishlist has gone a little crazy - i love discovering and sharing all of the beautiful products with you and hope you find something new when you stop by too. There are so many great designers and makers out there, it can be really hard to pick your favourites - so this year i'd like to help by presenting you with a series of posts of the next few weeks picking out some of my top picks for Christmas - my Gift Guide for you.

Today let's start with Christmas Cards - with just over 5 weeks until the recommended cut off date for posting your seasonal greetings now is the perfect time to get stocked up, so i've picked out some of my favourites to help get you started...

handmade christmas card
Handmade watercolour splatter wreath card by LE Designs 

holly card
Handmade Happy Christmas card by Liz Mosely Designs

written christmas cards
Keep cosy this Christmas card by Paper Moon, Merry and bright card by LH Design

Elf Movie Cards
Elf Christmas cards by Gold Lion 

Twas the night before christmas when all through the house
 Twas the night before Christmas card by Nancy and Betty Studio

Cassette tape card
Christmas cassette tape card by Fracas Studios (if you can find a cassette player it really works too!!)

Neon Card Kraft
Neon/Kraft Christmas jumper cards by Katie Leamon 

Papercut christmas card
Winter wonderland Christmas card by Paper Tree Design

Whilst this post is not sponsored and all of the cards were selected for this feature by myself, i would like to thank each of the makers for sending me samples - my first attempt at taking my own photos and whilst the perfectionist in me thinks i've still got a lot to learn, i was completely blown away by the quality and general loveliness of all of these cards - i still haven't taken them down... :)

Monday, 10 November 2014

Office Crush #19

Good morning!

Since moving into our new home, i've taken over the space under the stairs as my little blogging place and have been piling boxes, magazines and samples underneath it for the past few weeks. It's unusual for me to have to be nagged to tidy up as i put my hands up, i've been a little stumped for how to organise everything in such a small space!

Whilst searching for some ideas, i came across this rather cool office space on tumblr (if anyone knows the original source please do let me know!)

I've been obsessing over a pegboard ever since i saw the one in Claireabellemakes new craft studio, but this wire frame is a nice contemporary twist on the pegboard trend don't you think? Perfect for creating a quirky mood board, showing off your crafts or just getting organised!!